«El Alloral» was born as the fulfillment of our dream:
to create a resting place in a special environment, bringing together the quality, design and equipment that one wishes to find in a rural tourism establishment to enjoy a pleasant stay with the family, as a couple, with friends and with the pet.

It all started in 2006 when Isabel and Javier were looking for a second residence to disconnect on weekends, bridges and vacations in a different environment than everyday life. There was a consensus to move towards the Cantabrian Coast and finally they were captivated by the area of Eastern Asturian (Llanes-Ribadesella) since its climate and its unique fusion between the sea and the mountains offer a wide range of leisure possibilities throughout the year.

In 2008 they managed to establish their second residence in the town of Llanes and since then they began to enjoy the area many weekends, bridges and holidays, as a couple, with family and friends (the completion in that year of the A7 motorway that Cantabria joins with Asturias made the comings and goings more bearable)

More and more comments were about the attractiveness of having a place of relief and recreation in such a beautiful place, comments always accompanied by the inconvenience of the cost and maintenance of a second residence to use it rarely ..

It was then that Isabel and Javier thought about how interesting it would be to have a second residence where one could feel at home without any inconvenience. The question is: why buy a house with a garden in Llanes or Ribadesella, with what it costs to buy and maintain it, being able to pay only the days you leave and find it every time in perfect condition? Without further thinking, Isabel and Javier set out to develop that idea and gather all the observations and experiences of their own and the environment to answer that question.

In 2009 they began the exciting task of finding a suitable location, designing a constructive solution suitable for the objective, making numbers, etc … Isabel and Javier commented on these first ideas to Montse and Carlos, friends of childhood and youth residing in Madrid with his 3 children who had the idea of acquiring a second residence in the area. Without hesitation, they understood that this project was the answer they were looking for and with which many families would feel identified, and decided to participate in the project as partners.

Well, said and done, in 2010 El Alloral de Llanes, S.L. was founded, which acquired land in Hontoria (Llanes) and began the construction of a dream… and the construction nightmare.

In 2011 «El Alloral» was inaugurated, with 4 individual houses with garden called El Acebo, El Castaño, El Nogal and El Roble and began to be operated as Rural Tourist Apartments in accordance with the tourist regulations of the Principality of Asturias

In 2015, the possibility of acquiring the land adjacent to «El Alloral»  arose and, in view of customer satisfaction in the first 4 years of the project’s life, the company decided to acquire it so as not to lose the possibility of planning a future extension.

In 2017, after recovering from the economic effort of acquiring the land, the «El Alloral» expansion project began, with the construction of 4 new houses.

And so in the summer of 2019 the new houses are inaugurated, La Acacia, La Encina, La Morera and La Sabina, all of them with the same offer of quality and equipment as the first.

Currently, Montse, Isabel, Carlos and Javier are very proud of the concept and the trajectory of the project and the clients guarantee it with their opinions and valuations.

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